Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trying my hand at hand painting

So I was having so much with the Wilton's I decided to try handpainting following the directions I found here. The instructions worked out pretty well except she forget to mention (and really this is more my fault because I didn't think it through) that if you use too much of the liquid when you're rolling up the fibers and have it wrapped properly so it can't squirt out the sides it will run ahead of you as you roll and "contaminate" the other colors. I was a little more generous with the dye I guess then I needed to be. I'm just lucky that I didn't end up with a huge mess!

So I really enjoyed the process and thought steaming was even better than the kettle dyeing method. Unfortunately I misjudged the colors and ended up with something that reminds me of Easter which I guess is a little fitting but nothing like I was going for. I used Wilton's Kelly Green, Teal and Golden Yellow and a little bit of Royal Blue on the middle skeins in the picture above. The yellow was more vibrant then I expected while the green and teal were lot more pastel like. Obviously I need to up the dye amount to get the deep shades that I wanted.

The skein in front in the picture above gets a little closer to what I was hoping for in some sections. The deeper shade of teal in that one middle part what was what I was hoping for. The yellow is just fine (though I somehow ended up with more of it than planned) and the green on the end (left side) is a little closer to the shade I wanted though a little more emerald like would have been better.

Now the debate is do I keep these colors and see what they're like spun up? Its tempting but I'm afraid I'll end up doing nothing with the yarn since they really aren't my colors. I can try dyeing them again but I'm unsure what that will do and I'd like to avoid turning it muddy or dull. I signed up for a hand paint class at The Knitting Bee tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some better ideas after that.


msubulldog said...

Oh, all your spinning and fiber posts are awesome! And I really love the springy colors of this roving--even if they're not what you intended. I'm definitely going to check up on all the instructions you linked to! :)

Aimee said...

I think the colors are beautiful! Worst case once it's dyed is you can always make socks to gift to someone. ;)

It's good to see you back.