Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So now what do I do?

So I'm probably going to be a little silent on the blog end of things for a month or so. Tom made me go see the doc because I kept complaining about my wrist. It would be fine in the morning and most of the day but in the evenings especially when it was time to sleep it would hurt something fierce which probably means it was hurting during the day too but usually I don't notice pain if I'm busy its the down times that get me (if only this worked with my migraines!) So the doc said I have tendinitis and possibly carpal tunnel so I have to rest my wrist for at minimum a month. Obviously since I'm in school and taking an on-line class I can't completely avoid the computer but I'm suppose to use it as little as possible. We're looking into cheap ergonomic solutions since we can't afford to go out and by me a whole new setup but my computer setup right now is probably the most ergonomically incorrect. In addition and this is what makes me want to cry I have to cease any knitting, spinning and any other of my hobbies that put strain on my wrist, in other words all my hobbies. Poor Tom, he's going to have a very bored Mikey on his hands.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why do textbooks have to be so dry?

My last term at PCC started this week and man I can tell this one is going to keep me on my toes. One of my psych classes expects a 2 page, single spaced paper every week. (well she does give us a break at the end but only because we have an even larger paper due as our final) She does this in lieu of exams but man I'd rather take the exams. So I have this class on top of three more and it looks like all of them are pretty homework heavy with lots and lots of reading... ugh! I think my hobbies are going to be severely neglected for the next three months. I will be looking forward to the Thursday get togethers as my escape. The plus side is after this term I will have my associates and be done with PCC.
Speaking of being done with PCC, I also just heard back from OCAC (Oregon College of Art and Craft) today. They let me know that I should be receiving an acceptance letter in the mail very soon, so starting this fall I will get to have homework more to my liking :D