Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bad Blogger! No Biscuit!

So I've been horribly bad about blogging. You may have noticed multiple posts appeared all in one day. I also have a livejournal that is more for personal blogging and keeping in touch with some friends that live out of state. I posted a few crafty things over there that I realized really should have been on here and that I really needed to get active back on this blog so I decided to move those posts over here.

The migraines are not really back under control. I have awesome weeks and I have weeks where I don't leave the house and I have weeks that are a mix of the two. I realized though that the migraines were making me into a hermit and that I need to get out more when I can. So I'd like to start attending a knitting group when I have good days but it looks like the westside group from ravelry doesn't meet anymore. If anyone knows of any other groups meeting close by please feel free to pass the info along, bonus points if they meet during the day since nights are harder for me.


Tammy said...

Oh I think we could get some of the group to meet now and again. I am usually available short notice too. :) It is so good to see you back blogging again. I have been worried about you and missing you.

Michael said...

That would be cool, I really missed hanging out with you guys.

Anonymous said...
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