Saturday, July 14, 2007

If you had a week in Vancouver, B.C.

So tomorrow I take off for Vancouver, B.C. I'm going to be there for a week with plenty of free time so I've been trying to get list of places to check out while up there. I know I want to check out Daiso and Dresssew but thats about all that I have right now. I'm sure there has to be more though. I can't seem to find anything like a "Crafty guide to Vancouver" or even better a "Fiber Freaks Guide!" :D

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Latest progress on the Flickering Flames skirt.

So I'm now onto the second tier, only 80 or so more rows to go! I fell short of stitch markers so I had to grab some of my wire and make a few more stitch markers. I hope to have the rest (32 more!) made before I get to the third and last tier.

Flickering Flames skirt

I'm actually having a lot of fun making the stitch markers and since I need so many of them I've been playing around with some older odd beads that I had lying around and didn't know what to do with them. Its also been great practice for wire wrapping!.
I'm also enjoying the pattern for this skirt. Its an easy enough pattern that I have it memorized so I'm not annoyed by having to check the pattern all the time but its still a lot more engaging then say ribbing or just plain stockinette.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


So I got an invite to Ravelry a week or so ago and I am finding it very cool! I've been entering my projects in there slowly and I'm starting to find that I have way too many WIPs, some that have been languishing since last year! I think I need to put myself on a no buy/no new projects until I can clear out a bunch of these. Hopefully that will be enough motivation! anyone wants to add me as a friend I'm on there as Chaoticbeauty.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shipwreck Beads calls to me!

So this weekend I was up in Washington meeting with some friends to work on our Snow Angel costumes. I'm knitting the Flickering Flames skirt in Shine Sport. I decided I wanted to get some beads to add to the skirt so we stopped by Shipwreck Beads. The place is huge! I could have spent all day there, as it was since we had to run to the workshop afterwards we didn't get to see everything there. Must plan another trip back!

I decided on sz6 grey AB and clear silver lined beads
Size 6 beads

with these for drop beads to add to the picot on the bottom of the skirt.
Drop beads

I managed to get the skirt started and nearly 20 rows done (only 100 more to go!).

I'm pretty happy with the beads too as I feel they add just enough sparkle without being too much.