Monday, March 24, 2008

And even more dyeing results.

Happy Belated Easter everyone!

Took the dyeing class last Friday at The Knitting Bee and had a lot of fun. I'll admit I was a little wary of the Culinary Colors, I think I was afraid it would be just like most food colorings like Wilton's and Kool-Aid. The plus part is that like food colorings it is non toxic and can be used without any other special equipment which is a bonus in my book. In the future I would like to try acid dyes but until I have a better setup I'll have to wait. Another plus unlike most food colorings is I didn't notice any splitting of the colors, while the effects can be very cool when they split I like to have better control when I'm trying to come up with something specific. So on the negative is they don't have a black probably to avoid the color splitting problem I mentioned above and it seems hard to get a truly saturated color. Below are the results I got on the yarn provided with the kit. (sorry for the darkness of the pics but for some reason just shots of the yarn were hard to get)

Its a silk mohair blend, Douceur Et Soie. This may also account for the subdued affect as well. Still I'm pretty happy with my results and have started knitting this lacy wrap out of it. The wrap seems to show the colors a little better.

They also allowed us to bring our own fibers as well to try so I brought some roving but unfortunately ran of time and this is what I ended up with. Still I think it may end up pretty interesting once I spin it up.

Speaking of spinning... has anyone who spins noticed a problem with it kicking fiber into the air? I moved the wheel into our room to spin when my head is bugging me especially when the boys are playing video games. The problem is that I seem to start sneezing a lot and sometimes have small issues with breathing (not that I can't breathe but that it gets uncomfortable). This wasn't a problem before but then the spinning wheel was out in the living room where we have an air filter going most of the time. I'm wondering if I need to move the wheel back out there though that means less spinning since I have to often retreat to my room when my head gets bad. I'm also wondering if its the fiber as I'm still spinning away at the blue fiber and thats a bit different then what I had been spinning before. Its still wool but the texture is different and I wonder if it kicks more than the other stuff into the air.

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msubulldog said...

Hmmmm...I might expect some fiber cloud hanging over your head if you were spinning angora, but not wool. I haven't had any kick up from the wool top I've been using--but I have amassed a little pile of fluff at the base of the wheel where I pull "problem pieces" out. :)
Good luck!