Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Clicked publish now a little too soon.

I'm such a space cadet I forgot to include more of my spinning I had wanted to share. I swear spinning is becoming like an addiction for me. I find it a great way to de-stress. I'll probably end up with more than I could possibly use but I'm sure I'll find a way to fix that.

I had some older roving that I had picked up way back when I first got a drop spindle. I had about half of it left from when I gave up in frustration on the spindle. Funny now that I've gotten it on the wheel I think I may try the spindle again some time. I think it was easier to learn on the wheel then the spindle. Anyways, this is the result of spinning that roving, I'm not sure what kind of wool it was just that it was wool and it spun pretty nicely. I was sad to come to end of it.

I also had some more fiber, again not sure what kind of wool just that it is wool. (I really should have marked these) Its a bit rougher and has these cool silvery grey streaks through it, I think this was picked up at OFFF last year. This has been even easier to spin a finer strand but I also got quite a few slubs in there from when I screwed up. Its a little more of a faded blue than it shows in the picture.

I'm thinking that once I'm done with the blue I may ply it with the beige as I think they might be a nice combo, still debating it though. The blue in this picture is a little closer to the true color.

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