Thursday, August 23, 2007

Any Reason to Make a Purse

So I needed something to carry my latest WIP around in. My older purse was fine for the smaller projects. It had a side pocket that could hold my latest project while carrying the rest of the junk I tend to lug around. Unfortunately the skirt takes a lot more space. Fortunately I like making purses and any excuse to make a new one is fine by me! I also stumbled across this new fabric I like on sale at Joann's for $1 a yard so it was really easy to justify making myself a new purse that could hold my latest project.

While the overall shape and interior is exactly what I wanted, it came out much bigger than planned. Because of this its a little more floppier than I wanted. I really needed to have put something more than interfacing in at the bottom and in some other areas to stiffen it up.
Also in hindsight I really should have put some sort of closure on the outside side pocket. Thankfully that won't be too hard to fix and I just need to find the time to sit down and add a button or two.
Overall though I am pretty happy with this bag and I have plans to try and make a smaller version with a some more stiffness added to it.
One of the things I really wanted to try for the first time was a center zipper pocket. I was actually surprised at how easy it came together though I was lulled by the easyness and manage to make a few mistakes in the order of sewing that I know not to do next time. What I love about this center pocket is it is large enough to hold my current project even as it grows.

On the side of the zipper pocket I attached a little itty bitty pocket with a ribbon in which I can tie needed accessories like stitch markers that I can then slip into to the pocket. Though to be honest so far it has mainly held my car keys.

On the inside on the back I have a
simple pocket thats closed with a button that I figure is just large enough to hold the instructions for the current project. This back area between the center zipper pocket and this one is also where the excess yarn has been kept.

In the front half I placed various pockets (5 in total) The large center one has a flap held in place by a button and usually holds the beads and other accessories for this current project. The other larger pockets have held various purse like objects such as my sunglasses, cell phone and pens. The bottom pockets also have ribbons on the side to help hold the objects like small scissors or whatever small items I'd like to keep handy.

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