Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shipwreck Beads calls to me!

So this weekend I was up in Washington meeting with some friends to work on our Snow Angel costumes. I'm knitting the Flickering Flames skirt in Shine Sport. I decided I wanted to get some beads to add to the skirt so we stopped by Shipwreck Beads. The place is huge! I could have spent all day there, as it was since we had to run to the workshop afterwards we didn't get to see everything there. Must plan another trip back!

I decided on sz6 grey AB and clear silver lined beads
Size 6 beads

with these for drop beads to add to the picot on the bottom of the skirt.
Drop beads

I managed to get the skirt started and nearly 20 rows done (only 100 more to go!).

I'm pretty happy with the beads too as I feel they add just enough sparkle without being too much.

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