Thursday, July 12, 2007

Latest progress on the Flickering Flames skirt.

So I'm now onto the second tier, only 80 or so more rows to go! I fell short of stitch markers so I had to grab some of my wire and make a few more stitch markers. I hope to have the rest (32 more!) made before I get to the third and last tier.

Flickering Flames skirt

I'm actually having a lot of fun making the stitch markers and since I need so many of them I've been playing around with some older odd beads that I had lying around and didn't know what to do with them. Its also been great practice for wire wrapping!.
I'm also enjoying the pattern for this skirt. Its an easy enough pattern that I have it memorized so I'm not annoyed by having to check the pattern all the time but its still a lot more engaging then say ribbing or just plain stockinette.

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Sharon said...

What a beautiful pattern! I'm looking forward to seeing the FO.

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